Volunteering abroad is a great way to gain insight into a new culture, meet interesting people, contribute to a cause you care about and take part in a new adventure. Once you decide that you are interested in volunteering abroad, the search for a reputable, safe, and meaningful program begins.


There are so many programs out there that it can be hard to sift through them all and find the best one. These are some of the highest-rated and types of programs for volunteering abroad.


Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica


The coasts of Costa Rica are havens and natural reserves for some of the most endangered species of sea turtles. Some several programs and organizations are regularly looking for volunteers to join them in preserving, protecting, and tracking sea turtle populations. Living and working while making an impact in this rainforest paradise is a great volunteering opportunity.


Conservation Work in Zimbabwe


Home to the majestic Victoria Falls, much of the area around this natural wonder is protected or in need of protection. Join forces with the local organizations working on conservation projects, educational endeavors, and wildlife efforts to ensure that the unique ecosystem found here is protected.


Teach in India


The need for teachers and help within India’s communities is always growing, given there are still a lot of underprivileged neighborhoods and sectors of the population. With so many different teaching opportunities here, make sure you take the time to find a program that fits and where your talents can best be put to use. Time commitments of all lengths are needed, so you really just have to decide how long you want to volunteer abroad for.


Sustainable Farming in Europe


Sustainable and community farming is taking hold across small communities in Europe, but not without the help of organizations and the individuals they recruit to volunteer. As with any new technique or practice, sustainable farming takes time to take off once introduced. Join the many community farming projects introduced to both lend a hand and educate the community about best practices.


There are so many opportunities for volunteering abroad, but overall you should look for those that help out in areas you are passionate about and truly give back.