Mark Kemp

Community & Congregation

Corpus Christi, Texas

From Corpus Christi, Texas, Mark Kemp is a Financial Advisor who is passionate about being involved in – and serving – his community. 

From the time he was little, Mark was instilled with the importance of the values of community and service. His father was a Colonel in the Marines – where he served as a jet pilot – and, growing up, Mark learned how important it is to serve your countrymen and your neighbors. He also got involved in Boy Scouts, where these values were reinforced, and he was given the skills and tools necessary to be a better community member. 

Now, as an adult, Mark Kemp continues his family’s legacy of service by teaching his children the same morals and ideals with which he was raised. Service has become a regular part of everyday life for Mark and his family; they focus on “walking the walk” of their faith around Corpus Christi, not just talking the talk. Scripture tells us that it’s better to give than to receive, and Mark knows personally that nothing feels more satisfying than giving to others and helping them out when they need a hand. 

As an active member of his church congregation, Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship, Mark Kemp also works to share his values and knowledge alike with others in his community of Corpus Christi. He has worked closely with several of his peers – including those older and younger – to help mentor them and provide guidance. Not only does he work through the men’s ministry to whom he belongs to help teach other men how to be better husbands and fathers, he also pulls on his professional experience to offer personal finance insights to others and help them learn how to manage their personal and family finances better. 

Mark firmly believes that, as a society, we need a lot less of us – as individuals – reacting to life and a lot more of Jesus working through us. It’s how we can all work towards a better, more gracious and compassionate humanity. 

Professionally, Mark Kemp is a Registered Representative of McNally Financial and a Registered Investment Advisor with the state of Texas. As a Financial Advisor, Mark has a very client-focused approach to his work. He works to develop close relationships with his clients, where he can remove their financial stress and help them meet their financial goals. 

To learn more about Mark Kemp, the work he does in his community, and ways you can positively contribute to yours, please check out his blog page!